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Satellite Phone for Emergencies

Because we are about a 20 minute drive away from cellular service we rent a satellite phone for emergencies.

You are welcome to give the number to anyone who may need to urgently contact you but please advise them that the sat phone is expensive ($1.00 per minute and $0.50 per text message) and is for emergency or urgent calls and messages only.

Voice coverage does not work reliably in camp (we are surrounded by tall trees) so to make or receive a call we must take the phone to a clearing. We recommend people send us an SMS text message and we will call back as soon as it’s received.

Sometimes the phone will catch a passing satellite and will ring so feel free to try that first if you like.

You can not text satellite phone numbers directly like you would with a cell phone.

To send a message please go to this page:

The phone number is: 403-799-6875

2019 Schedule of Events

Remember that things might randomly happen that are not on the schedule 🙂


3 pm: grounds open

6 pm: opening circle with Ki-Som

8 pm: Aphrodite and Pan Temple Dedication

8:30 pm: Board Game Bonanza (bring your favourite)


11 am: Basics of Egyptian Magik with Ki-Som

1 to 4ish pm: Swimming Trip (All Aboard The Beast!)

5 pm: Drum and Chant Circle

8 pm: Divination Exchange > Runes, Tarot, Bones, Scrying. Dust off your tools of the craft and read for each other.

9:30 pm: Embracing Mother Night (Ritual) with Kam


11 am: The Gods and How We Connect by Megan

1 to 4ish pm: Swimming Trip (All Aboard The Beast!)

5 pm: Main Ritual with Michelle Primus

6:30 pm: Potluck feast

8:00 pm: No talent talent show – Yodel, Dance, Sing, Tell a Story!

9 pm Campfire sing along


11 am: Closing circle with Ki-Som

11:30 am: final clean up

Camp site must be cleared by 12 pm

Final Countdown to Camp!

As of today we are just two weeks away from camp!

Megan is working on getting the schedule of events finalized and still has a few holes to fill in. Get in touch with her if you would like to share a skill or experience in the form of a short workshop or discussion group you would like to share. She would love to hear from you.

We expect to have the schedule up by early next week.

On the topic of registration, we do have something that we are watching and a bit worried about right now. Our registration numbers are lower than usual for this amount of time before camp and we have yet to hit the number that pays for the campsite and we break even. The camp costs $600 and we have about $400 in registration fees collected so we need to get about another 5 or so adults registered. The satellite phone and propane for the fire ring (if we need it) usually runs another $200 on top of that.

So if you or someone you know has been holding off registering now is the time to do it!

Head to:

Pagans On The Rock Needs You!

In case you didn’t already know, Pagans On The Rock is a community campout that welcomes families and kids. We like to focus on being in a fun and relaxing environment with our fellow Pagans but still make sure we schedule a few rituals and spiritual events amongst our fun.

Camp is a collaborative sharing experience where everyone puts a little bit in and we all get to take a lot home.

None of the weekend’s activities can happen without you and now is the time to speak up and make a contribution.

Our schedule is a blank slate just waiting for you to fill in a space!

Have an idea for a discussion group? A crafting idea? Would you like to organize a game? How about teach some chants or share your special kind of magick? Would you like to run a ritual? What about some kids’ activities?

We would love to hear from you!

Megan will be putting this year’s schedule together and she can be contacted at:

It’s Official

Pagans On The Rock 2019 is booked for Thursday, July 18th to Sunday July 21st!

More details to be posted soon and registration is opening ASAP.