Call For Volunteers

Planning and events scheduling is under way for this year’s camp out and we are looking for volunteers to share their knowledge and talent with the community!

Here are a few things you can get involved with:

  • Do you have an activity, workshop or discussion group you are just itching to lead? In the past we have had workshops on everything from divination, to star gazing, to meditations, to rituals with the elements, and everything in between.

  • Every year we have a temple dedicated to Aphrodite and Pan. We are seeking volunteers to help set up, decorate and maintain this sacred space for the weekend. A pop-up tent and some supplies are on hand, but you will need to round up a few odds and ends and make it a place to worship the gods in.

  • We have decided to ask for volunteers to run our opening and closing rituals this year. This group will bless the space, welcome the gods and elements in on Thursday and close the space out on Sunday.

  • Main ritual is the highlight of the weekend and again we are reaching out to the community for volunteers. The ritual is typically community-themed and friendly to all ages.

If you or your group are up to the challenge of any of these, we would love to hear from you!

Please send us a message and we will get right back to you!





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