2018 Campout Things To Know

It’s almost camp time and the excitement is building!!


Here are some important things for everyone to remember:


Gate Times:

The main gate is closed and locked from 8PM to 8AM.

If you can’t make it before the gate closes the group camp is within walking distance from the gate (about 1/2km).  Co-ordinate with us ahead of time and we can have someone meet you and drive your gear in.

Camp Time:

The grounds open at 2PM on Thursdy and we must be completely out by 12PM Sunday.

If you want to arrive before 2PM that’s OK but you must communicate with us before hand so we can arrange where you can set up.

Cell Service:

There is absolutely no cellular service from any provider at Nanaimo Lakes.  The nearest place where you could pick up service is about a 15 minute drive back to the intersection of Nanaimo Lakes Road and Nanaimo River Road.

Satellite Phone:

For safety we do rent a satellite phone for the weekend but it does have some quarks you need to know about.

The sat phone needs an unobstructed view of the sky to get reliable service and our camp is surrounded by tall trees.

This means incoming calls are patchy, but outgoing calls work fine because we can walk out to a clearing.

However, the sat phone will receive text messages (not send) so if you can’t get a hold of us send a text. The next time a satellite passes in view we will receive the text and call you back.

We will post the number a few days before camp when we know what it will be.

Camp Fires:

At the time of this post, camp fires are still permitted!

We will bring a supply of wood but ask that each person please bring an armful if you can.

In the event of a camp fire ban we do have a propane fire ring. We will keep an eye on the fire service page and let everyone know if the status changes.



The camp has no water and you must bring your own for drinking and cooking.

As always, we will be brining our large sink and 150 gallons of water in drums for dishes, etc.

RV’s and generators:

RV’s are welcome, and we have lots of room for them.  If you have a generator with your RV we ask that you please curb it’s use and only run it when absolutely necessary and not at all after 8PM.

Camp Rules:

In addition to our rules (http://www.pagansontherock.org/?page_id=423) the camp ground has it’s own.

Please make sure you are familiar with both.





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