Rituals and Workshops

Over the next couple of weeks we will be putting the finishing touches on our schedule of events for the weekend. We are especially looking forward to the wonderful ritual and spiritual experiences that will presented by local coven House of the Crossroads.

The coven members have been working hard to put together the weekends rituals and everyone is very excited to see the results of that hard work.

However,  no community event is complete without putting in a little energy and flavor from others.

We are calling out to anyone that can contribute to the weekend by presenting a workshop or hosting a discussion group.

Workshops discussion groups need not be intensive, only have  be an hour or so in length and can be any topic that is of interest to the Pagan world in general.

If you would like to contribute your energy and knowledge please get in touch with us! We would love to hear from you!


Early Bird Rate Registration Extended

Money has been tight all around this year and many people have said they want to come but just can’t pay before the early bird deadline.

The point behind our camp out is to be accessible as possible and to bring our community. We want to see as many of you as possible come out and make new friends, reconnect with old friends and forget the troubles of the mundane world for a weekend.

So if you haven’t registered because you just couldn’t afford the full rates here is your second chance!PageLines- 312846_10150806319850704_747770703_20740610_2086335098_n.jpg

To cover our experiences and camp rental we only need a few more people to register, so we have decided to extend the deadline for an additional 3 weeks.

Please share this news with your friends and lets build community together!

Register and pay before May 15th June 15th and STILL get the early bird rate!

Full Weekend Adult (Age 18+) – $34.00
Single Night Adult (Age 18+) – $17.00
Full Weekend Youth (Age 12 to 18) – $23.00
Single Night Youth (Age 12 to 18) – $11.00
Kids (Under 12) – Free!


You can register any pay online at: http://www.pagansontherock.org/?page_id=107



A New Beginning

We at Pagans on the Rock are proud to announce a collaborative effort with local Nanaimo coven, House of the Crossroads.They are an eclectic faith group determined to make our experience at the camp out as awesome as possible. We wish to make this camp out somewhere, where we can relax and connect with the rest of our pagan family. We are looking forward to a exciting camp out filled with rituals, workshops and kid friendly fun. Looking forward to seeing everyone this year.


2016 Camp Out Registration is OPEN!


Come one come all to the greatest Pagan community camp out of them all!

Registration is now open and early bird rates are on!


Register at:  http://www.pagansontherock.org/?page_id=107


2016 Camp Out Dates Set!

Mark you calendars!

The 2016 camp out will be Thursday, June 30th to Sunday July 3rd!

Registration opens on March 1’st.  Visit the About The Campout page for more details!




Last Minute Notes

This is it!  The last few days before we gather!

Directions to the site: http://www.pagansontherock.org/?page_id=75

Schedule: http://www.pagansontherock.org/?page_id=427

Please take a moment to review these important notes:


A campfire ban IS IN EFFECT, so don’t bother bringing wood this year.  However, we have a plan B!  We will be bringing a propane fire ring, so if you have a tank of propane available please bring it along. 

The grounds open at 3PM on Thursday. We do not have access to them before that time, even if it’s empty, so please do not enter until that time.

Vehicles are permitted in the camp to unload gear only. Once you have unloaded please immediately move your vehicle to the parking lot. Those who are camping in vehicles or small trailers, please coordinate with the registration person before you bring your vehicle in to the camp.

When you arrive on site please check in before unloading your gear. To check in locate the person wearing the reflective vest.

Attendees are responsible to bring everything that would be needed for a typical camp out. All supplies, equipment and food is the responsibility of the individual.

Participation in the Saturday pot luck is encouraged, but not mandatory. We understand that some people have special dietary needs, and that’s just fine.

Smoking in the general camp area in not permitted and a designated smoking area will be set up near the camp gate.

Dogs are permitted, however CVRD regulations require that they be on a leash at ALL TIMES. In addition, only behaved and well socialized doges are permitted and the maximum length of a leash be no more than 6 feet. The dog owner must be prepared to scoop the poop.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: If cancellation request received before May 15th: %100 Refund If cancellation request received before June 1st: %50 Refund If cancellation request received after June 25th: No Refund. Refund requests may take up to 30 days to process.

Everyone must be completely out of the camp ground by 12PM Sunday. If we are late getting out the organizers will be charged a penalty fee by the CVRD.


Single Night Registration Available

Did you know that you can register for just one night?

Yup, it’s true!

Full Weekend Adult (Age 18+) – $46.00
Single Night Adult (Age 18+) – $24.00
Full Weekend Youth (Age 12 to 18) – $30.00
Single Night Youth (Age 12 to 18) – $18.00
Kids (Under 12) – Free!

Just head over to our registration page: http://www.pagansontherock.org/?page_id=107


PageLines- 312846_10150806319850704_747770703_20740610_2086335098_n.jpg


Volunteers Needed For Setup of Aphrodite and Pan’s Temple

As is tradition, we will have a temple set up to honor Aphrodite and Pan.

The temple is a tradition that can be found at most Pagan gatherings and is a place where adults may worship the gods in whatever way they see fit.

We are looking for volunteers to take on the sacred service of erecting this years temple!

We supply the pop up tent, flooring, foamy and some altar items, you supply fabric to make walls, decorations and alter items and perform a simple ritual to bless the space.

If you are interested, please join the conversation in our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pagansontherock/

Aphrodite and Pan



Main Ritual & Potluck Feast

Whats that? You wanted to go the the camp out but couldn’t make it this year?

Well, how about coming to visit!

Join us for our main ritual followed by a potluck feast!

Ritual begins at 5:30 sharp and is followed by the feast.

Find the Facebook event at:




2015 Schedule Of Events

The schedule for this years camp out is up!

Please visit: http://www.pagansontherock.org/?page_id=427