Satellite Phone for Emergencies

The Community Campout on Vancouver Island

Satellite Phone for Emergencies

July 15, 2019 News 0

Because we are about a 20 minute drive away from cellular service we rent a satellite phone for emergencies.

You are welcome to give the number to anyone who may need to urgently contact you but please advise them that the sat phone is expensive ($1.00 per minute and $0.50 per text message) and is for emergency or urgent calls and messages only.

Voice coverage does not work reliably in camp (we are surrounded by tall trees) so to make or receive a call we must take the phone to a clearing. We recommend people send us an SMS text message and we will call back as soon as it’s received.

Sometimes the phone will catch a passing satellite and will ring so feel free to try that first if you like.

You can not text satellite phone numbers directly like you would with a cell phone.

To send a message please go to this page:

The phone number is: 403-799-6875