The Community Campout on Vancouver Island


April 1, 2020 News 0

Hello my wonderful Pagan and Pagan friendly folk

We have been looking ahead to camp and giving some thought to how the Covid-19 situation might play out.

There is a chance that a ban on gatherings over a certain number of people may still be in place during the summer.

With that in mind we have decided to hold off opening registration until the government issues the all clear.

If the camp does go ahead, I suspect we will be a small group and we may not take the big group site but perhaps an adjoining pair of smaller sites in the main campground or by the river.

The situation is changing all the time and I gave my crystal ball away a few years ago so I can’t tell you for sure what’s going to happen.

Keep an eye on this page or our Facebook group and we will give updates as we can.