Planning for camp in a Covid-19 world

The Community Campout on Vancouver Island

Planning for camp in a Covid-19 world

May 14, 2020 News 0

Covid-19 has certainly thrown plans for a lot of people out the window this year.

Pagans on The Rock 2020 is just over two months away and a lot of things are still up in the air.

The question that we have no control over is will public gatherings over 30 people be allowed in time for camp. That 30-person number is important because anything lower and we won’t break even on our costs and that’s with everyone paying full rate.

Beyond that are the things we have some control over but how do we implement them and still make camp an enjoyable experience?

If a ban is lifted in time social distancing still going to be recommended and in a camp environment that may be a tough order.  Not imposable, but it’s going to take some thinking.

We could really use some community input on this and your suggestions are encouraged!

Let’s see if we can identify problem areas and come up with workable solutions.

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