2021 Campout Registration

The Community Campout on Vancouver Island

2021 Campout Registration

March 14, 2021 News 0

Pagans on the Rock Community Campout for 2021 will be from Thursday, September 9th to Sunday September 12th!

Here are the important details:

Why September?

The campout is in September this year because most people will be getting their first COVID vaccine dose sometime mid-summer. We understand that a September campout is not ideal for some folks, but considering the circumstances it is the best compromise we could come up with for this year.

Where are we camping this year?

Because we are late in the season this year we are unsure what our numbers may look like. Rather than risk not having enough people to cover the group camp fee, we decided to do a repeat of 2020 and move to the Old Mill campground across the lake.

How do we book a site?

You will need to book your own site through Mosaic Campsites.

Start around site 35 and work our way down the road.

Each site is $24 per night and additional sleeping units per site (tent, motor home, trailer, 5th wheel, car) can be paid for in cash on site.

The good news is, under current COVID rules, each site is good for up to 8 people so you can share the fees.

Please visit this post in our Facebook group to coordinate with other campers, to see who might want to share a site and to post what site number you have booked.

The sites are open to the public to book, so the faster we jump on booking up the sites we want, the less chance we have of someone else accidentally getting in between a bunch of sites we are camping in.

Good luck!