Camp Covid Restrictions

The Community Campout on Vancouver Island

Camp Covid Restrictions

August 29, 2021 News 0

Because of Covid, this year’s camp out is not our usual organized group camp event and therefore does not fall under covid group gathering restrictions.

That being said, provincial health regulations and campground policy do apply as well as the most important part, common sense.

Even with vaccination, there is some risk, especially to those who have existing health conditions, and I think it’s safe to say no one wants to put our friends and extended family at risk.

If for whatever reason you are not vaccinated, we ask you to please wear a mask to protect others.

We should be trying our best to maintain physical distancing and always ask if it’s OK to enter someone’s personal space.

I know we are all a huggy bunch, and it’s going to be a hard one for some, but please ask for consent before initiating physical content.

Let’s keep each other safe!